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Tangerine Creative offers affordable promotional video production to businesses of all sizes.

Video is a powerful medium. It allows you to really engage with your audience, share your core values and promote your products and services.


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Commercial Videography

Promotional video is a fast growing sales and marketing tool, its popularity is increasing and it is a must for business success. We pride ourselves on producing effective commercial videography at very competitive prices.

Videos are informative and help customers with their decision making process. They can increase the potential of online purchases. Including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. Video advertisements increase brand awareness and brand association.

Video is a vital tool to help you communicate directly with your customers and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Your Promotional Video in 5 Easy Steps

We help you from planning the story board of your video through to the finished production. We have a 5 step process which ensures a creation of a successful promotional video:

1. FREE Consultation

We discuss with you:

  • Your business as a whole
  • The essential parts to emphasise
  • The Core Values of your business.

2. Appointment

Arrange a day for visiting the location and creating a story board to assist with the filming process.

3. Filming

Shooting the footage as discussed and following the story board created – this usually can be completed in one day.

4. Editing

This is the longest part of the process and where your video becomes an effective sales tool.

You will receive a first draft of your video within 1-3 weeks (depending on the project size) for feedback.

5. Final Sign Off

Once you are happy with the edited draft you are then free to use the finished video on your website, social media, trade shows or to share with clients.


Stay ahead of your competitors and start promoting your business better today.

Contact us for a FREE consultation

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